Restorative Justice Programs

We believe that recovery is most sustainable when organizations work together to support those in the recovery community. Because of that, we are committed to helping those who are under the supervision of Hendricks County Community Corrections and Hendricks County Probation. The concept of restorative justice means addressing the criminal behavior related to substance use as a health issue, rather than a legal issue. People absolutely need to be held responsible for their actions, but if they do not receive substance use treatment, they are likely to re-offend. Here are the services we provide outside of The Willow Center…

Work Release
We offer on-site treatment programs at the Hendricks County Work Release facility in a collaborative effort with the corrections team. These therapeutic communities are gender-specific so that we can focus on the specific needs of men and women. The goal of the program is to help the residents change their thinking patterns and gain a new awareness about their substance use, ultimately reducing recidivism.

Before a resident is discharged from our therapeutic groups at the work release facility, we will work to bridge the gap between them and the outside recovery community. It is imperative that they have a stable and supportive place to go live upon discharge and that their family and support network be involved. We strive to be sure that everyone is aware of the available resources for individuals set for re-entry into the community.

Drug Court
The Hendricks County Superior Court systems offers a program called Drug Court that is an alternative to incarceration. We believe that criminal activity associated with substance use is usually the result of someone’s addiction, rather than the result of having an inherent criminal mind.

Across the US, treatment courts are referring more people into treatment than any other intervention. Those referrals are more successful in recovery because they remain in treatment long enough to be successful. If we don’t treat the underlying substance use and mental health disorders that bring someone into the justice system, we are simply perpetuating a vicious cycle of relapse and recidivism.

Drug Court provides its participants this alternative to incarceration by having them adhere to strict accountability protocols and attend outpatient treatment at The Willow Center. By focusing on positive values and personal responsibility, participants can begin to create healthy lifestyle changes. We are proud to be partnered with the Hendricks County Probation Department in this endeavor and be the treatment provider for this innovative program.

The RESET (Re-Entry Skills, Education, and Training) Program has been designed to prepare its participants for a successful re-entry back into the community. It is available to inmates of the Hendricks County Jail who have been incarcerated for a felony charge related to substance use. It is voluntary and follows a 90-day curriculum that focuses on providing participants with a strategy for self-improvement, including skills that help with relapse prevention and an individualized re-entry plan before their release.

Other components of the RESET program include self-help meetings, peer coaching and support, and life skills training. Continuing care is also individualized and may include a recommendation to other programs offered by The Willow Center.