What our community partners are saying…

Combating substance use disorder cannot be done alone. We rely on community partnerships to be a part of our vision that reduces the effects addiction has on our communities and we strive to be the best we can be when it comes to doing our part. 


  • “The weekend Alcohol and Drug Education class offered by The Willow Center is one service I recommend regularly. The feedback I have received from students and parents has always been very positive. The students gain awareness about the short and long-term effects of addiction on all life areas and have genuinely been challenged to think about the consequences of substance use/abuse. I highly recommend The Willow Center due to their level of professionalism, caring, and commitment that Recovery is Possible for EVERYONE.”


    –Christa Detzel, Counselor at Plainfield High School

  • “The Willow Center provides unique services in our community that help meet the needs of one of the most prevalent and growing issues among our families: addiction. Sheltering Wings is grateful for The Willow Center’s services and partnership. Their great work provides hope for families and individuals who otherwise feel they have no answers or direction.”


    –Cassie Mecklenburg, Executive Director at Sheltering Wings

  • “The Willow Center has been an invaluable partner to our Drug Court in Hendricks County since 2012. Thank you for your service to the community, families, and individuals we serve.”

    –Betsy Schuler, Coordinator at Hendricks County Drug Court

  • “I help facilitate a parent support group, PAL (Parents of Addicted Loved Ones). We recommended parents and their loved ones to The Willow Center. I have seen lives changed and saved because of this caring, supportive, and professional team. I am so glad we have The Willow Center in our community!”


    –Diane Buxton, Group Facilitator at PAL (Parents of Addicted Loved Ones)

  • “You won’t find anyone more passionate about recovery and dedicated to their clients. I have worked with Ashley and team regarding multiple referrals and had nothing but wonderful experiences. Thank you for helping so many people get into recovery!”


    –Erin Adcock Mooney, Former Regional Clinical Liaison at Mirror Lake Recovery Center

  • “Hendricks County is lucky to have The Willow Center, especially during our state’s current opioid crisis. Ashley and her team are committed to helping not only those in recovery, but to educating family members and the community and I so appreciate their commitment to the community!”

    –Holly McFadden, Former Director of Foster Care at Children’s Bureau, Inc

  • “One of the most important characteristics for recovery is accountability paired with compassion. The staff of The Willow Center are definitely armed with this skill. Understanding both the addiction and sometimes criminality that plagues their clients allows treatment to be well-rounded and cover many bases.”

    –Bridgette Collins-George, Work Release Director at Hendricks County Community Corrections